Reduce costs, increase performance and stay on budget with simple time scheduling software.

Manage your employees from anywhere.

At home or on the go? We are with you wherever you go. Everything you need is right in your web browser. There is nothing to download or install.

Easy for Everyone.

Scheduling has never been easier. Click and drag shifts on your phone or laptop, quickly approve time off requests and timesheets, or use dashboards that make it easy to manage budgets and resource availability.

Fast Time Tracking.

Punch cards are a thing of the past. Accurately record when employees arrive and take breaks with the built-in digital time clock. Automate time sheet entries, approvals and reporting. Learn more.

Digital Time Clock

Shift Swapping.

Improve employee engagement with the ability to take on unassigned shifts and reduce management overhead with an automated shift swap process.

Free scheduling for small businesses.

Scheduling is free for small businesses of 25 employees or less. You get to schedule your employees for free! No credit card required. Purchase additional modules when you are ready for the full experience or when your business grows.


$0 / mo

  • 25 employees included
  • Simple Scheduling
  • Email support
  • Help center access
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$1.75 / mo

  • Pay by Employee*
  • Simple Scheduling
  • Fully Featured
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Packed with Features.

Drag & drop scheduling

Simple and intuitive drag & drop shift scheduler keeps you focused on who your scheduling.

Unlimited Employees

There is no limit to the number of employees on your roster. Pay for what you use.

Timesheets & time clock

Track the hours that your employees are actually working with the built-in time clock. Use dashboards and automatic reports for cost reporting.


Generate payroll by combining employee time clock data, timesheets, pay rates and overtime rates.


Prevent scheduling unqualified staff and adjust pay rates according to the position worked.

Working Hours

Never schedule an employee again who is unavailable due to school, child care or a second job.

Time off management

Track staff vacations to immediately know when employees are unavailable and prevent scheduling for a shift.


Notifications are automatically generated when shifts change or approvals are required.


Deduct unpaid breaks from timesheets to keep your payroll and cost reporting accurate.

Smart pay rates

Pay employees different hourly rates for different positions worked.

Audit Trail

Track changes made to ensure compliance with regulations.

Schedule Templates

Save and repeat schedules once you find the perfect arrangement.

Requests & approvals

Managers can approve timesheets, employee requests for shift swaps, vacation and much more.

Multiple Schedules

Create schedules for different business units or stores while sharing the same staff and reporting.

Task List

Keep track of tasks and their due dates.


Customize to meet your business and staffing needs.

Stored in the cloud

Your data is stored in the cloud providing you with easy access, reliability and security.

SSL encryption

Keeping your data private by encrypting all data sent between your browser and our servers.