Easy to use drag and drop scheduling anywhere you go. Everything you need is right in your web browser. There is nothing to download or install.

Drag and Drop Scheduling.

Drag and drop your favorite shifts over to an employee to quickly assign them. Quickly move shifts between employees or copy and paste by right clicking.

Not sure who to assign a shift to? Place it in the Outstanding Shifts row and let employees request it by right clicking. Employees can trade shifts (with your approval) by right click on the shifts they want.

Schedule Publishing.

Make changes to schedules without worry. The changes you make are not visible until you press the Publish button. You can even undo all changes made since the last time you published the schedule!

Easy Print Schedules.

Schedules are ready for easy printing, filtering and exporting to Excel or csv formats. Filter the schedule by date and columns before printing to get print exactly what you need.

Manange Employee Qualifications.

Manage your employees qualifications. Prevent accidentally scheduling an employee for a role that they are unable to perform, ensuring that the right person is scheduled for the job.

Schedule Templates.

Create schedule templates of your perfect shift arrangments. Never forget what worked in the past and avoid manually adding shifts to the schedule each week. With a press of a button apply your favorite template to the schedule in seconds, saving you time and money!


Any user can add shifts multiple ways via Schedule page if they have the Edit Shift permission by:
  • Dragging a shift from the Default Shifts list on the left side of the page into a corresponding time slot.
  • Right clicking on a time slot and selecting New.
  • Using the copy/paste right click menu.
An employee will not appear on the schedule if they are disabled or don't have a qualification for the current schedule.

Ensure that the employee is enabled by viewing the employee in Employees and clicking Edit then uncheck Disabled.

Ensure that the employee is assigned a Qualification for the schedule in question. You can assign a qualification by viewing the employee in Employees then clicking Qualifications / Permissions. Pro accounts may have multiple schedules configured.
Open shifts are shifts that have not yet been assigned to an employee. Any employee who has a user account can request an open shift for themself if they:
  • Have the associated qualifications for the shift
  • Will not go over their daily working hours
  • Will not go over their weekly working hours
Note: The employee's user account must be associated with an employee record. This is done by entering their email address within the employee's profile.
Shifts are generally not visible until they have been published. This allows a timesheet administrator to make changes without risking employees seeing incomplete schedule. To publish a schedule select Publish from the Publish drop down menu on the Schedule page.

Unpublished changes are generally highlighted with a yellow border on the schedule. Timesheet administrators can switch between Edit Mode and Published View from the Publish drop down menu.
Yes, as every shift must be assigned to a position we give you the flexibility to add positions as needed at Settings→Positions. Every position is given a unique name and can even have it's own custom color.
Yes, Pro accounts can have multiple schedules. One use of multiple schedules is to seperated distinct groups such as Kitchen and Waitstaff or Warehouse and Customer Service. Employees can be assigned to one or many schedules and even have different wages based on the schedule and position being worked.

Schedules are added with the Settings→Schedule Names wizzard.
Yes, the Settings→Default Shifts places your commonly used shifts on left side of the Scheduling window for easy Drag & Drop scheduling. Each default shift can be assigned:
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Break Durations
  • Position
  • Additional Comments (break times, table zones, etc)
While you have the option of enter a total of 3 break durations, it is not possible to rigidly define a break start time. This is why you have the ability to enter free text into the Additional Info field when editing or creating a new shift. Time administrators typically enter what time the breaks occur in this field (ie. "Break @ 10 and 2"), but can be used for any purpose.
Templates allow you to save a weekly schedule and apply it to any other week of your choosing. You can even apply multiple templates to any given week. Some companies have used separate templates for office and warehouse staff or for alternating schedules typical in shift work.

Templates are saved from the Schedule page and selecting the corresponding option from the Publish dropdown menu. Templates can be deleted from Settings→Schedule Templates. Templates are only enabled for Pro subscription levels.
Shifts can be copied, cut and pasted by right clicking on a shift or time slot and selecting copy or paste when on the Schedule page. On tablets this is accomplished by a long press on the shift or time slot.

See Templates for copying an entire weekly schedule.