Fee Terms

These Fee Terms are to be read along with the Agreement in the Terms Of Service.


You are able to pay your fees, purchase Tokens, view invoices and change your Subscription from the "Billing" page of the Tenant.

Payments are made through a third party payment processor and can not be made through Fast Time's customer support. Fast Time takes no responsibility for the security of your payment information as this information was never submitted to Fast Time.

Invoicing and payment cutoff dates use the UTC timezone, not your local timezone.


All prices are in US dollars (USD). Any additional currencies provided are for your convenience only.


All current Subscription fees are processed as "Tokens". Tokens are purchasable with the currencies specified at the time the order is processed, and is exclusive of any applicable taxes.

You are responsible for paying all taxes (provincial, state, local or national) including any other taxes that arise from your use of the Services. We may include any such taxes in the invoice.

Subscription Level

When you change your Subscription level, you will be charged for the portion of the month used, rounding up to the nearest Token.

You may request to move to a lower Subscription tier at any time, however the move will only occur at the end of the month.

You must have have the appropriate number of Tokens available for the requested Subscription (1 month period) before upgrading your Subscription level.

Pro Token Calculation

Pro Tokens are required when you are using the Pro Subscription level.

The number of billable Pro Tokens per month is calculated as the maximum number of employees existing on the Tenant at any time within the Month.

There is currently a minimum charge of 10 Pro Tokens per month. This means you will be charged 10 Pro Tokens even if your only have 5 employees created.

Timeclock Picture Token

Timeclock Picture Tokens are required whenever a time time operation (clock in, clock out, take break, etc) is configured to require a picture.

The number of billable Timeclock Picture Tokens per month is calculated as the number of pictures taken within the Month.

Timeclock Picture Tokens can not be purchase directly. During invoice generation the required number of Pro Tokens are converted into Timeclock Picture Tokens. Any extra Timeclock Pictures will be carried over for future use.

The conversion rate is currently 100 Time Clock Picture Tokens per 1 Pro Token.

Contact Us

If you have any billing, Subscription or fee questions please contact support@myfasttime.com